Sunday 31 May 2015

Welcome the Shetland Spring!

Puffins are now back on the cliffs and the seabird breeding season is in full swing! Sumburgh Head is a great starting point to photograph Puffins & the trek up to the cliffs of Hermaness will not disappoint for Puffin & Gannet photography with Great Skua's en-route! 

A feisty Raven, one of my favourite birds, here with a small rock in his bill!

A close encounter!

I was delighted to be awarded Runner Up in the Wildlife Behavioural Category of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards this year with my 'Reassurance' image taken last Summer on Shetland under a Schedule 1 license of a Red-throated Diver & young chick. 

Flower picking is a big no no on Shetland - though try telling that to the Puffins! It's great to see the sea of pink Thrift now out in full bloom along with Spring Squill, Bluebells, Marsh Marigold, Early Purple & Heath-spotted Orchid. . . . the Keen of Hamar on Unst too is coming to life with several rare arctic species now showing well . . .

Buff-tailed Bumblebee! First recorded in Shetland in 2012 and now a relatively common sight from Lerwick South.

The Mountain Hares have now lost their winter white coats.

This stunningly showy CORNCRAKE has delighted visitors and photographers alike as it holds territory in South Mainland. 

Here belting out it's limited comb-brushing tunes . . .

A little wing stretch showing the chestnut wings nicely.