Sunday, 4 July 2010

More Memorable Moths - Early July 2010.
This weekend saw us 'lure' in 2 more species of Clearwing, Red-belted & Yellow-legged! Around 6 of each came to the pheromones within 5 minutes of airing, the Red-belted in an old Apple Orchard & the Yellow-legged at our local Deben ringing site. . . .fantastic moths & so delighted the 'lures' have worked so well, both in such close proximity to Woodbridge. I also ticked 'Blotched Emerald', a species I had really wanted to see!
Also of interest, Phil noticed a Swift (bird not moth) hanging strangely from a roof guttering in Woodbridge this afternoon. On closer inspection it was trapped in some way and had been there hanging from near it's nest since yesterday at least. Phil called on his firefighter colleagues & took the fire engine which obviously has a huge ladder to access the poor bird. The Swift had been caught up around it's neck with nest material & was literally hanging itself. It is alive but not looking too sharp having been hanging for some time in high temperatures . It is now in the kitchen & I have to admit to having fed it a few of last nights moth catches (though not the Clearwings!). We are not holding up high hopes for a happy outcome but will keep it & feed it until (if!) it seems more lively & capable of managing if released. It is a shame to see much a stunning bird in such a state. It was only on Friday that we caught our first healthy adult Swift in Angel Lane, at the nest, a ringing tick for Phil & such a great bird to see in the hand.