Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter Arrival

Night Heron - Spiggie Loch - Mainland Shetland.
After seeing the Reawick Night Heron a few days before,  I headed to Spiggie Loch, one of my favourite Shetland sites to see the second Night Heron after Easter. This stunning bird looked incredible in the late afternoon light as it fished around the shore edges and enabled full-frame shots with just my 300mm lens . . .superb ;)

Here he was swallowing a tiny fish . . 

My favourite shot - almost mediterranean late afternoon warm light showing that superb red eye off nicely.


  1. lovely photos Rebecca. Hope you are enjoying the Shetland lifestyle

  2. Lovely photos Rebecca, hop eyou are enjoying the Shetland lifestyle

  3. H Paul, thank you, yes loving it.Hope your well.