Monday, 15 June 2009

What a Stag Night!
Back in Suffolk after another enjoyable trip to Fair Isle & Shetland. A treat last night was seeing a large annual visitor to the garden - the Stag Beetle. Up to a dozen were observed over the garden, several of both sexes landing on the roof, allowing for excellent close up views & photo opportunities. A rare & thinly distributed species in the UK, Suffolk  is one of the Stag Beetles remaining strongholds in Britain. Also trapped in the moth trap last night, 2 Lime Hawkmoths (images below) as well as Privet, Elephant & Pine Hawkmoths. A new species for the garden was a nationally scarce 'Festoon' moth.


  1. Out on the raz on that stag night must have been a fantastic night to remember! Steve

  2. It was quite a night! Still recovering!