Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Traill's Flycatcher - Blakeney Point - Norfolk - 26th September.
On Saturday 25th September I was in Covent Garden, London, catching up with girlfriends from my university days. Although a great day, a voicemail from Phil slightly hampered my enjoyment - he was on his way to Blakeney Point for a Alder/Willow Flycatcher! I was delighted for Phil when I heard he had seen the bird although the mammoth trek out to see it did not sound very tempting. I decided to wait for news the next morning once I was back in Woodbridge and had the day free. I was half expecting it to have gone although I guess the torrential rain and storm force winds were likely to put off the movement of any small passerine which had only just touched land and was busy feeding up in the Blakeney 'plantation'. I felt highly motivated on Sunday morning and on news, soon had the 2 hour drive behind me and the 3 mile hike ahead. The weather conditions were even worse than the previous day with horizontal rain and high winds lashing in off the sea, my calf muscles got a serious shingle workout! Drenched to the skin and with boots full of water it was a real relief to finally get to the 'Point' and within a few minutes I was watching this superb flycatcher flitting about in bramble scrub and a sycamore - a fabulous bird! I braved getting my camera gear out and soaked but was happy with the record shots I obtained considering the conditions. A Garden Warbler and a male Brambling were also present and feeding up.
The 3 mile walk back to the car park was in constrast an enjoyable experience with no pressure and sticking to the beach paid off with a Grey Phalarope whizzing past as few feet above my head and a nice Little Gull and Arctic Skua heading up the coast.

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  1. Nice photos of birds you´ve got on your blog. I live on the swedish west coast and I don´t think they are common here ?