Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sweden - Vastmanland
for 2 days!
I am just back from a superb last minute visit to Vastmanland in Sweden where I met up with good friend Swedish guide Daniel Green and spent all daylight hours photographing a variety of Swedish birds over just 2 days! I spent one day at a forest feeding station and then a full days hide work the second day for finches and my most wanted - the illusive Hawfinch. Here are a couple images 'hot' out of the memory cards after a very successful trip. I have a good number to go through over the next couple of days . . . . .thank you Daniel for another excellent visit to a wonderful part of Sweden!


  1. Stunning Stuff as ALWAYS! Any Goshawks or Sperdbergs? Hope Your well Rebecca, Happy New Year, Jack.

  2. Superb images with an painterly quality which I simply love. Can't wait to see some more.