Wednesday, 13 April 2011

'Two Men in a . . . . . . .Zodiac'

I visited Minsmere late afternoon yesterday for a long walk and it turned out, a spot of bird photography! It was a little windy but bright spells broke through the cloud briefly enabling me to get a few nice 'duck' shots. I was particularly pleased to see Shoveler, Teal and Gadwall move in to feed very close in to one of the hides, so after a short wait, I was full framing these gorgeous birds in warm afternoon sun with a constant Bittern booming backdrop.

The images of 'two men in a boat' just about tie in with the 'duck' theme. This is my partner Phil and our good friend Deryk attempting to catch ducks (well one in particular but we won't go there!) a couple of years ago in North Haven, Fair Isle. Deryk has a great new blog - post FIBO and here is the link so you can follow his new birding, family and crofting exploits! The Burkle Birder

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