Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter Woodcock . . .

The chase was on - for the last two days Phil and I have attempted to track down and photograph one of Britain's most iconic bird species in Suffolk - the Woodcock! We searched for Woodcock in open areas of sparse broad-leaved woodland, with the sudden snow fall on Saturday night Woodcock were tamer than usual and not hard to find. Once we found some (8+ in total) it was a case of getting into various freezing cold positions (hoping they didn't fly off as we approached - 70% did) and then waiting silently as they fed and came closer. Of course 75% of shots were of unfavourable light direction, obligatory twigs between me and the bird etc etc the usual stuff, but we were pretty pleased with the 25% achieved - a small selection of which is here. We also scraped areas, removing the snow so the Woodcock could feed more easily, which they did. They consumed large quantities of earthworms and it was a real insight into their feeding behaviour and movements! I've never seen Woodcock so well and indeed it is a dream bird for me and one i've always wanted to photograph so it really was a red letter day!


  1. Stunning images, Rebecca. I like the way you scraped away the snow to give them some areas to feed! I've been keeping an eye out but no Woodcocks around my patch so far.

  2. Wow, stunning photos. Well worth the numb extremities, I reckon :)

  3. What a really nice set of pictures of this bird, the camouflage this time didn't work at all!
    Saludos from Spain!

  4. Truly magnificent and fairly rare photos!
    This series is awesome!
    I was very lucky to "shoot" one myself recently, due to this exceptional cold spell with lot's of snow!
    but "my" Woodcock didn't allow more than 2 pics... :(
    We have about 5 to 6 of these wonderful birds staying year round on our property. To see them is one thing, but to take pictures is another story!
    Well done, I'll look into your publications...

  5. Tremendous. I like so much this bird, living also in winter next to my house. You've made splendid shots, and whis the contrast of the snow it was'nt so évident to do, i imagine !
    What a luck to have such a proximity whit it.

  6. Congratulations see a woodcock is a dream, photograph with that quality is amazing

  7. Thank you for all your comments! Much appreciated!