Sunday, 3 November 2013

NEW Home - NEW British Tick - NEW British Mammal

Cape May Warbler - Unst - October/November 2013
1st for Shetland, 2nd for Britain & the Western Palearctic! What a bird to welcome me to Shetland - my new home! ;) A great find by Mike Pennington & enjoyed by several hundred birders & many friends who have managed to get up here to see it since the 23rd October. 

Cape May Warbler in flight showing the superb tail, a feature often difficult to see in the field.  

Cape May Warbler - a fabulously calm, bright day yesterday saw me return to Unst to see the Warbler for a third time with Phil. 

I really enjoyed watching the Cape May Warbler activity feeding & moving from Sycamores to Fuschia's & more open grassland areas catching a number of large flies in the Autumn sunshine.

We went to Unst via Mid-Yell & found the Bearded Seal on a jetty, which was a UK mammal tick & much wanted after dipping this Arctic beast on 3 other occasions! What an amazing animal to see so close! This handsome whiskered beast has been frequenting several sites in Yell since last Summer but can disappear for days at a time. 

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