Monday, 16 December 2013

White Xmas?

A nice Juv Iceland Gull in Lerwick Harbour - December 2013. I have been enjoying settling into Shetland Island living these past 2 months though it still feels like i'm on an extended holiday. I've been slowly sorting out our lovely Lerwick house & been utilising days out with the camera in between a couple of impressive stormy house-shaking weather systems! After the last monster storm we found 2 white-wingers, Iceland Gulls in the harbour, this Juv and a 3rd Winter bird though we are optimistically always on the look out for that fabled Ivory Gull . . . .There should be one here with those mainland records of late! A Snowy Owl, Hawk Owl, Tengmalm's or Gyr would be a nice Winter treat too . . ..we'll have to keep scanning those hills & conifer plantations . . . . .I don't want much for Xmas do I! ;)

Juv Iceland Gull - Lerwick

Juv Iceland Gull - Lerwick

Me & a rather attractive Xmasy light projected Moose in Lerwick!

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