Monday, 7 April 2014

King for a Day!

Hi Everyone. Today started disappointingly foggy with drizzle and light winds. Phil & I went to Unst for the day & whilst there the conditions brightened considerably and birding produced a few fresh Spring migrants and a couple of dog Otters. We saw the distant spec of a smart male King Eider (has been present for much of the Winter) amongst a flock of maybe 200 Common Eider at Uyea Sound. As we watched the flock started moving at some rate towards us so we stayed put and watched as part of the flock broke up and kept bee-lining towards us - with the King Eider in tow! After maybe 10 minutes the flock reached the shore and unbelievably started to get out onto the beach in front of us! What a dream to see this King Eider so close . . .a fantastic experience. After only a few minutes the Eiders took to the water again and briskly made their way back out into the Sound.


  1. The King Eider,is on my wanted list.
    Your images look amazing.

  2. Beatiful pictures and a nice story, good fun to catch the King (for a day!) :-)

  3. Thank you for your comments! It was such a beautiful bird!