Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fair Isle Thursday -
A few common birds photographed this morning before the weather took a nasty southerly turn again . .  .  Northern Fulmar, MEALY Redpoll, Twite, Bluethroat & Brambling. Also another image of the White's Thrush from yesterday when it flew down into a geo in the SW briefly. It has not been reported today. The Redpoll which I photographed at Setter, was later seen at Chalet garden. The identification of this bird caused much debate - however it should be pointed out that this bird was very SMALL compared to any other NW Redpolls we have observed here before. It was certainly not a typical NW bird which can be compared size wise with Chaffinch & House Sparrow. This bird was present with House Sparrows at Chalet and was noticably smaller.