Wednesday, 8 October 2008

White's Thrush - Quoy - Fair Isle
This morning, as the gales and rain had stopped,  I returned to Quoy to re-photograph the 1st winter male Bluethroat, which has now been joined by a 1st winter female.  I spent a while photographing the male down to a few feet as it fed on an open midden mound. A black cat flushed the Bluethroat over me and into the main Quoy crop of cabbages. As I crept to the edge of the crop and looked along the wire fence line, hoping to spot where the Bluethroat had gone - I was met with an incredible sight - a cracking White's Thrush was stood right out in the open a few metres away! WOW! I had found a White's Thrush! Many enjoyed views of this impressive Siberian rare as it flew between several crops and even spent a short time on the west cliffs. This was the 3rd White's Thrush on Fair isle this autumn! (and my 2nd - first one 1999 - Scillies).