Saturday, 12 September 2009

August Moths Revisited
Just downloading a few moth images from the garden August moth sessions - here are some of my favourites. The best & possibly the rarest micro moth was this beautifully patterned Ethmia bipunctella, a Red Data Book Species restricted to coastal shingle habitats in the south-eastern counties. The Bullrush Wainscot was a 'large' & impressive Wainscot. We have had 2 tiny migrant 'Rush Veneers' and a good few Small Dusty Waves. The Striped Hawkmoth was taken a Portland Bird Observatory (they have since had Silver-striped & Convolvulus Hawkmoth). The Star-wort was another striking moth, similar to a 'Shark' moth in shape & found locally in the south-east of England on coastal saltmarsh habitats.

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