Friday, 18 September 2009

Bat in the moth trap . . .
An incredible surprise awaited us in the moth trap in our Woodbridge garden this morning, a Brown Long-eared Bat was found hiding under one of the egg boxes! It seemed very alert & tried on several occasions to bite Phil's fingers but without success as Phil soon got a good grip on him, gently holding the skin at the back of the bat's neck. This stunning (if that's the right word . .) little mammal flew around the kitchen for a minute of two before heading out into the daylight & making for a dark roof space in one of the neighbour's houses. I had seen a bat sp flying about the garden catching moths a night or two ago, so I imagine this was possibly the same bat who must have made an error of judgement.


  1. Rebecca,

    Amazing Blog. The photos of the Long-eared Bat are stunning. Congratulations on your achievements this year. I look forward to following your blog.


  2. Thank you for your comments John, pleased you like my blog. Rebecca