Wednesday, 23 June 2010

June Bugs
June is always a busy month & this year has been no exception with ecological work in Surrey, moth trapping & bird ringing (lots of pulli) in Woodbridge, gallery photographic work & a book review taking up a lot of time. The tiny garden is once again alive, especially in the evenings with our annual invasion of Stag Beetles cruising over like drone aircraft, a family of Wood Mice that feast during the night & broad daylight on the peanut feeders & of course the nightly moth trapping sessions are now bringing in high numbers of many species. We have also be attempting to lure the much sort after 'Clearwing' moths & have managed to attract 6+ Currant Clearwing at a local small fruit farm on our first go, a great start!


  1. Excellent blog, and congrats on your Puffin shot!

  2. Thank you for your comments Birdtracker!