Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fair Isle - through the seasons

I felt really privileged to have been asked to provide a good selection of photographs for the publication 'Fair Isle' through the seasons, a beautiful NEW publication by Roger Riddington & Malachy Tallack out this week! I was one of only a small selection of photographers who were asked to take part in this special publication, timed perfectly to coincide with the same month as the opening of the New Fair Isle Bird Observatory. Photographers include Dave Wheeler with his incredible Fair Isle landscapes, Deryk Shaw, David Gifford & Mark Breaks. This delightful & unique Fair Isle book will no doubt be a huge success & an invaluable asset to any Fair Isle visitor's coffee table, past, future or present. . . . the UK birding mecca, beautifully illustrated & described.

'A tiny piece of land, halfway between Orkney & Shetland, Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited Island in the United Kingdom. Yet it is a place that inspires endless fascination.'

'This book gathers together photographs of Fair Isle's spectacular scenery, its wildlife and birds, and the life and work of the community . . . . .this is the story of a unique place, told through the turning of a year'.

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