Friday, 24 June 2011

June Chicks

It has been a busy month with travels between Suffolk and Shetland as we get to grips with our amazing new Shetland house and new life to come! Alongside our Shetland visit and busy photographic commissions, we have had a large number of Suffolk birds to ring with many nests reaching the 'ring-able chick stage' in the last 2 weeks. . . .oh and of course there was the White-throated Robin 'twitch' which saw me parachute down from the Air Canada flight from Manitoba and land jet-lagged but happy in Hartlepool . . . .
Photo's here show 2 tiny Reed Warbler chicks, an 'unusual' Barn Swallow angle, a Sand Martin, House Martin (a ringing tick for me!), me with an adult Little Owl (a chick I ringed yesterday was another ringing tick for me!) a dodgy shot of the White-throated Robin and one of my favourite 'Bison' shots from Manitoba!

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