Sunday, 12 June 2011

Magic Manitoba!
I have just returned from an incredible week of birds and mammals in the prairie lands and mountains of Manitoba - Canada. The whole trip exceeded my highest expectations and I would highly recommend this superb location for birding and photographic holidays ;-) We had 161 species throughout the week and a good number of mammals including Bison, Black Bear, Moose, Elk, Beaver, Musk Rat, 13 Striped Ground Squirrel . . the list goes on. . . .here are a few of my favourite shots from my Canadian experience.
to be continued . . . . .


  1. Outstanding photos, as usual. There's something to be said for hitting the Boreal forest once the neotrop migrants are settled in for business.

    Is that an Indigo Bunting perched on the bison above?

  2. Thanks for your comments Mike, it certainly seemed to be a great time to be in the boreal forests and prairies! It is a Brown-headed Cowbird on the Bison, one of my favourite pics of the trip .;-)