Thursday, 18 February 2010

Catkin Action . . .more stock images taken at my Suffolk feeding station today before lunch when the rain and mist set in. 12+ Lesser Redpoll present still (several unringed and a very interesting control!) along with the usual suspects, Blue, Great and Coal Tit. I really love photographing these Redpoll's. Can't wait to get back up to Shetland in 2010 for some Mealy's to add to my growing Redpoll image collection . . . .


  1. Lovely photos of the Redpolls. Envious of your trip to the Shetlands Rebecca. The Wildlife there as you know is out of this World.

  2. Stunning photogaphy,outstanding Images.
    Top notch.

  3. Rebecca, Iam please to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine award for your Blog. Please visit my blog on how to collect the award and pass it on. (This is not compulsary though.)

  4. Rebecca, I love you photos! Some winters we get Redpolls here in the NE of North America, but not this winter! Guess they didn't need to travel S to visit our feeders for food! Never have seen a tit, blue or great or any other. I'm envious of your trip to the Shetlands. Congratulations on your award from John. ~karen

  5. Hi John.

    Thank you for your nomination! Glad you like my blog! Please see my latest post . . . .Best wishes, Rebecca

    Hi Karen. Thank you for your comments from the NE of North America! I guess you have your chickadees instead of our tits! I have loved ringing and photographing the Lesser Redpolls, there are less at the feeding station now, they are slowly moving off for the spring. Very best wishes to you!